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  • Stainless steel Eyebrow Product,
  • Professional Stainless Steel Metal, 
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  • Make up tools, Manicure tool, Customization Available ,
  •  High Quality Stainless Steel , Salon tool , 
  • top rank ,Surgical beauty instruments, 
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  • best Steel Eyelash tool,
  • Slant tip, Premium quality,
  • Manufacture from Pakistan, City Sialkot

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We have full range of Stainless steel tweezers.

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The History and Many Uses of Tweezers

Tweezers as we all know them these days serve several sensible functions, like plucking one’s eyebrows, removing a splinter from the skin, repairing a watch, change of state or playacting delicate surgical operations.

They can even be accustomed manipulate mechanical components and customarily handle any object tootiny for the human hand to well grab.

This handy invention dates back to pre-Dynastic Egypt and was probably used for beading and other delicate tasks.

According to Wikipedia, drawings of Egyptian craftsmen are discovered that depict the utilization of a double-bow, tweezer-like tool accustomed grip pots and hold them over ovens.

By 3000 B.C., tweezers were utilized in geographical area and Republic of India.

Evidence shows that the Romans also used them.

It is speculated that tweezers come back from similar instruments like pair of tongs, pincers and pliers. Tweezers mimic the action of the clinching along of an individual's thumb and finger, performing arts duties that a person’s hand might not be capable of due to size restraints. referred to as "forceps" within the medical field, this instrument is a surgical tool. they're utilized in dental procedures, dissection, surgeries and a lot of.

Tweezers area unit made in 2 alternative ways, the primary of that involves melding 2 angular items of metal along. Another easier and a lot of cheap thanks to produce tweezers is once one piece of metal is bent in 0.5. Some variations have loops or hooks on the top for higher grabbing.


The word pair of tweezers takes its origin from France. "Etui" is at the basis of the word. It comes from "etwee"that's taken from the French verb "estuary," desiring to hold or keep safe. associate degree etwee describes a petite case that folks would use to hold hot objects (such as toothpicks) with them.

Over time, the article currently called "tweezers" took on this name as a result of the tool was unremarkably found in these small carrying cases. Eventually, the word "tweeze" was accepted as a verb within the West Germanic language

What is Tweezers?

Tweezers square measure a little pincer-like device which will be used for a spread of activities, as well as plucking hairs from the eyebrows and face. they're manufactured from 2 slender items of metal, joined at one finish and open at the opposite. 

they're typically control between the thumb and forefinger for exactness tweezing and plucking. There square measure numerous styles of tweezers out there, as well as slanted tip, pointed tip, fine tip, square tip, and pointed-slant tip.

Tweezers is used for over simply tweezing your eyebrows; they're nice for removing splinters, applying false eyelashes, fixing tangled jewellery, finding out tiny objects, so rather more. For best results, pull off when the shower, once the pores square measure open and relaxed. 

make certain to pull the foundation, within the direction of hair growth, following the brow’s natural arch. you'll conjointly place tweezers within the deep freezer before plucking, therefore the cold metal will gently numb the skin and scale back plucking pain. It’s conjointly vital to scrub your tweezers with a plant disease when each use.

Dada Chiragh Tweezers




The best-selling, award-winning  Dada Chiragh Tweezers


Stainless Steel Slant Tweezers are counseled by skilled makeup artists, celebrities, and models for quite thirty years. The stainless-steel tips square measure hand-filed, sharp enough for exactitude hair removal, dead aligned, and shut along equally, 

which is able to permit you to simply grab each very little hair. stainless-steel metals square measure safer than different sorts of metals, thus these shouldn’t cause skin irritation or infections. you'll conjointly use the sharp tip to grab any stubborn tiny, short, or stray hairs.

The slant tip and flat body square measure increased with a baked enamel end, permitting simple and easy usage. they're simple to grip and have a pointy tip for else exactitude. they're out there during a vary of colours to fit your preferences.

These high-quality tweezers square measure a cult classic for a reason and are featured in endless magazines over the years. most significantly, they are available with free sharpening for keeps (guaranteed), thus you recognize you’ll get your money’s value.


Manufacturing Process:
Production/Manufacturing have several steps to create prime quality Tweezers for while uses.

Here’s we have a tendency to undergo some producing steps for your Review.

Production Tour

The most necessary factor within the production is Quality of steel. the most effective you choose the most effective you manufacture. we have a tendency to use our foreign very best quality German stainless-steel pro re nata by our Reliable and valued customers. And this is often all to make sure the best quality stainless-steel.


With the assistance of dyes and hammers the method being run of cutting formed raw instruments. within the formation method, our skilled Craftsman provide life to the metal and provides it the rudimentary form which will undergo series of sophisticated processes.

3.Forging Inspection

At the stage of formation scrutiny, each cast tool comes for checking to make sure no piece contains any cracks or is reshaped on the far side the appropriate limits. There are additional steps for checking the standard of raw instruments: -

Shape fault


In this method formation is cut or formed by machines i.e. the tool get cutting sharp edges and stuff within the specific demanded form. Here instruments ar taking their specific form through grinding and hammers. For this purpose, very skilled labor is needed and this method is administered by instrument specialists solely.


At this stage, all the instruments ar inspected not just for machining, except for each method they need been undergo for scrutiny. At this stage solely best instruments ar selected and instruments with very little holes and producing faults ar once more sorted out.


At this stage the steel isn't too exhausting nevertheless therefore the method of filling is employed to form the instruments within the  precise form they're needed to be. The staff match {the form|the form} precisely with the samples or the particular shape provided them at this stage. therefore here the instruments get most similar of their shapes at this stage.

7.Filling Inspection

At the Filling Inspection, filling the Inspection is formed. The measurements and shapes ar checked in line with samples.

8. Binding and Temper

At this step each instruments ar sure in teams of twelve items. Then staff place them in temper machine that is stuffed with a specific material. Than instruments ar tempered and it’s have ensured that each instrument gets equal heat and treatment therefore a regular quality would be accomplish.

9. Fitting

Tweezers ar joined before and their joint is leveled with a machine by burning the stuff on the joint therefore there's no any doubt in fitting. At a similar stage, instruments ar stuffed to eliminate attachment suspensions.

10. Plant or Heat Treatment

At the plant or heat treatment instruments are swayback in a very material to harden the fabric by hanging for 5 minutes.

11. Polishing

Instruments get there end here. as an example if instrument have to be compelled to polish or material and gold end. until now at producing stage, all the required shaping is finished. sprucing makes each millimetre of instrument clear and if any instruments with hidden defects ar still there. they're going to reveal may be sorted out.

12. Q. A Inspection 2%

2% of every heap of instruments is checked by executives and so go the additional process. In scrutiny they see every and each half and defective elements are marked with red marker and if rejected they're going to send to sprucing once more.

13.Ultrasonic Cleaning

In this method the instruments are swayback in 2 materials for cleansing the polish raw factor thereon. It take times one min. for 1st material and so for 0.5 min. to alternative material. unhearable cleansing cleans any sprucing material stuck and leaves the instrument crystal clear.

14. Tuck checking

In this method our staff check the cuts and every one the blocks of instruments simply by viewing the instruments severally.

15. Etching

If needed etching stamp then, during this method all instruments ar involves get etching stamp. Our skilled staff place stamp on every instruments by swing every instruments on pad and burning method. to create the stamp reliable and even property below high boiling temperatures this stamping procedure is finished by electrical etching machines once instruments are sterilized.

16. Cleaning and Checking

Now, at cleansing and checking method all instruments ar clean and checked once more one by one. to try to to these method once more the checking for operation, measurements, polish and value.

17. Q. A Inspection 4 %

In the Q. A Inspection 4 % four-dimensional of the all instruments ar gets scrutiny by Quality accomplishment administrators. Samples for scrutiny ar taken adventionaly and that they ar ascertained to each little bit of detail. Even the littlest distinction from quality standards may create lead to refuse of raft.

18. Packing

The packing of instruments to finished here. Carton should be harden, which might save the instruments until it reach at the client door. Here instruments should be packed with the sense of sizes and kinds.

19. Labeling

Labels are place during this method. If client needed. Otherwise, we are going to place them our Company label.


About the Stainless steel Slant Tweezers
GUARANTEED CLEARER, SMOOTHER BEAUTIFUL SKIN: Say bye to plaguey stray hairs with these exactitude tweezers. you may notice a dramatic distinction in performance compared to store bought tweezers.

PERFECT GIFT FOR HER OR HIM: offer your pet ones the gift of an attractive try of recent, sleek tweezers that may create them throw their recent ones out!

STRESS FREE BEAUTY ROUTINE: Say bye to the frustration of your recent brow tweezers and marvel at the peerlessly aligned tips of your new eyebrow tweezers. absolutely label tension for a lot of management and a stress free tweezing ritual.
FROM A TRUSTED FAMILY BRAND: These slant tip tweezers ar dropped at you by the manufacturers of Dada Chiragh Manufacturing Company World Health Organization makes top quality surgical beauty instruments.

IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE AREAS: Aligned for straightforward, swish and no pain facial and pilus removal.

SAME GREAT QUALITY YOU'VE COME TO EXPECT FROM DADA CHIRAGH: Implements ar formed just right victimisation Surgical Grade stainless steel. Meticulously hand filed tips guarantee correct alignment and sharpness. protecting Tip Guards match firmly on every tip to preserve tweezers from changing into boring and misaligned. Tweezers ar rigorously inspected for quality before shipping to you.

PRECISION GRIP: label Arm Tension permits versatile and delicate resistance, supplying you with the simplest management to pull off with exactitude and grab those unwanted hairs at the foundation. with expertise outline eyebrows, pluck chin hair and higher lip hairs, take away nose hair and any unwanted hair. Grasp even those tiny, fine hairs sort of a skilled. Sharp, angular tips facilitate safely take away ingrowing hairs and splinters.

IDEAL FOR TRAVEL: this tweezers is transportable and prepared for travel. Keep one along with your beauty tools, makeup bag or toilet grooming kit. simply carry one in your kit, purse, or automobile for those on-the-go fast fixes.

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