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Brown Leather Royal Marines (Rm) Officers Sword Knot With Acorn Bayonet Knots View larger

Brown Leather Royal Marines (Rm) Officers Sword Knot With Acorn Bayonet Knots


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Brown Leather Royal Marines (Rm) Officers Sword Knot With Acorn Bayonet Knots

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Brown Leather Royal Marines (Rm) Officers Sword Knot With Acorn Bayonet Knots

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The sword strap or sword knotDagger Knots , Portepee, sometimes called a tassel, is a lanyard. Generally of leather but sometimes of woven gold or silver bullion wire, or more often metallic braid. Looped around the hand to prevent the sword being missing if it is drop.

Brown Leather Royal Marines (Rm) Officers Sword Knot With Acorn Bayonet Knots

The sword knot began organism as a simple cord that was attached to the hilt of the sword of mounted militia. It was strongly fastened to the safety of the saber and then tied to the wrist of the mounted trooper.The reason of this Sword Knot was to protected the saber to the wrist, so that if it were knock from the hand of the mounted soldier,

He would not misplace it in the heat of battle. The sword would be at the end of the cord, which was attached to the wrist. The design develop keen on a double strap which was attach to the sword guard and wrapped around the hilt when not attach to the wrist,

Double strap had at least one sliding loop, referred to like a slide, which was at the ending of the strap to make a loop to set off around the wrist. At the ending of the strap was either a stem or a crown, or jointly, which protected the end of the strap.

The knot itself in common consisted of a crown and an open tassel or closed ball which could strongly close the end of the double strap to give the slide something solid to push the wrist against when it was add into the loop made by the strap. This sword knot evolves into equally dagger knots and bayonet knots in the German service and all three unique styles of German knots retain these design features.

First, let's look at the style in which sword knots were used in the US military. Plain leather knots were, generally words, first used in US service but difference soon emerged between enlisted and officer knots. Early on officer knots were often colored leather and then evolved into wire bullion or lace knots while enlisted knots remain plain utilitarian leather.

approximately 1850 US Military Officers were authorized to wear a gold bullion knot and this knot is still worn by US Navy Officers on their Model 1852 Navy swords to this day. This CW time gold bullion knot is shown below.

US Army Officers wear a gold bullion knot like the USN Officers in the same time period from approximately 1850 to 1902. US Army Officers were then official two new knots to wear on their 1902 Officer Sabre. A gold wire knot with blue silk highlights was worn on dress occasion and is shown below as well.

A russet leather knot with a plaited strap was allowed for general service wear. This Sword knot is shown next. This brown leather sword knot was changed to black after WWII. Both of these knots are still authorized when the Army Sword is worn and both have been US rule since 1902.

The USMC Officer sword is worn with a like gold and red dress knot and a black leather plaited knot of the type worn by the Army in brown. US Coast Guard Officers wear the similar knot the same as USN Officers as enlisted men of both these services do not wear sword knots.

US General Officers wear a unique gold bullion knot with round straps and an acorn shaped ball. This knot was worn prior to, and during, the US Civil War but it is unknown when it was allowed.

Custom Design Sword Knot

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To design custom Sword Knot we need:

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• Sword Knot picture (if available)
•  Any other relevant details

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