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Barber Scissor;

  • Hand Made With High premium Scissor, Forged Stainless Steel hair cutting Scissor,

  • Japanese Stainless Steel Scissor Is Used For High Quality and Durability,

  • No Matter If You Are A Cosmetology skilled Or A Home User,

  • First rank scissors,
  • High finished Scissors for a Very Reasonable Price,

  • Manufacture from Pakistan, City sialkot

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Size 5', 5.5', 6', 6.5', 7', 7.5', 8'

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Hair Cutting Scissors

Every Dada Chiragh professional cutting shears is 100% made in Japan, using 100% genuine Japanese materials and parts. The result is incredibly long-term sharpness and hardness.

Quality you can feel in your hand—and appreciate with every cut. Dada Chiragh is where many years of traditional Japanese steel-making meets 21st-century technology.

This means that they’ll cut longer, you’ll spend less time having them sharpened,  Each Hair Cutting Scissors is guaranteed when you use our sharpening service.

If you’ve made hair your career, it’s time to make Dada Chiragh your shears.

You’ve never held professional shears like these

Hairdresser Man and Woman Scissors Concept

At Dada Chiragh, we go to every length to ensure the finest hair cutting shear craftsmanship, because we know you demand exactly that. Day in and day out, you’re cutting and styling hair…

High quality Dada Chiragh Hair Cutting Scissors brand well known by barbers from all over the world.

Dada Chiragh shear brands are premier Japanese hair cutting shears for the stylist who wants effortless precision cutting. They cut beautifully on dry and wet hair and hold their edge for years – these shears will last a stylist’s career. These luxury shears are for the professional stylist who demand the best quality workmanship and materials for their hair cutting tools.

Manufacturing Process:

Production/Manufacturing have several steps to create prime quality Tweezers for very long time uses.

Here’s we go through some Manufacturing steps for your Review.

Production Tour

  1. Steel
    The most necessary factors  within the production is Quality of steel. The simplest you decide on the simplest you manufacture. We tend to use our foreign highest quality German Stainless steel as required by our Reliable and valued customers. And this is often all to confirm the best quality Stainless steel.
  2. Forging

With the help of dyes and hammers the process being run of cutting shaped raw instruments. In the forging process, our skilled Craftsman give life to the metal and give it the rudimentary shape that will go through series of complicated processes.

  1. Forging Inspection

At the stage of forging inspection, every forged tool comes for checking to ensure no piece contains any cracks or is reshaped beyond the acceptable limits. There are further steps for checking the quality of raw instruments: –

  1. Shape fault
  2. Broken
  3. Machining

In this process forging is cut or shaped by machines i.e. the tool get cutting sharp edges and raw material in the specific demanded shape. Here instruments are taking their specific shape through grinding and hammers. For this purpose, extremely skilled labor is required and this process is carried out by instrument specialists only.

  1. Milling

In this process, Drilling of holes in the instruments where required for screws. Different kinds of screwing machines are used here and instruments are made pairs. If Instruments have any different in whole even the slightest difference in whole positions will suffer otherwise.

  1. Inspection

At this stage, all the instruments are inspected not only for machining and milling, but for every process they have been go through for inspection. At this stage only best instruments are selected and instruments with little holes and manufacturing faults are again sorted out.

  1. Filling

At this stage the steel is not too hard yet so the process of filling is used to shape the instruments in the exact shape they are required to be. The workers match the shape exactly with the samples or the specific shape provided them at this stage. So here the instruments get most similar of their shapes at this stage.

  1. Filling Inspection

At the filling inspection, filling the inspection is made. The measurements and shapes are checked according to samples.

  1. Binding and Temper

At this step every instruments are bound in groups of 12 pieces. Then workers put them in temper machine which is filled with a particular material. Than instruments are tempered and it’s have ensured that every instrument gets equal heat and treatment so a consistent quality would be achieve.

  1. Snaffling Fitting

Snaffling fitting is for scissors they are in two pieces so they are joined in this process with screw. Scissors are usually joint with two kinds of joint. Some instruments joint with the Lap joint and some are with the Box joint and it depends on choice.  Tweezers are joined before and their joint is leveled with a machine by burning the raw material on the joint so there is no any doubt in fitting. At the same stage, instruments are filled to eliminate welding suspensions.

  1. Plant or Heat Treatment

At the plant or heat treatment instruments are dipped in a material to harden the material by hanging for five minutes.

  1. Polishing

Instruments get there finish here. For example if instrument have to polish or Satin and gold finish. Till this point at manufacturing stage, all the necessary shaping is done. Polishing makes every millimeter of instrument clear and if any instruments with hidden defects are still there. They will reveal could be sorted out.

  1. Q. A Inspection 2%

2% of each lot of instruments is checked by executives and then go the further processing. In inspection they see each and every part and defective parts are marked with red marker and if rejected they will send to polishing again.

  1. Ultrasonic Cleaning

In this process the instruments are dipped in two materials for cleaning the polish raw thing on it. It take times 1 min. for first material and then for half min. to other material. Ultrasonic cleaning cleans any polishing material stuck and leaves the instrument crystal clear.

  1. Lubrication

At this step all the instruments involving screws are lubricated. Lubricating the instruments moveable portions facilitates the instrument movement.

  1. Tuck checking

In this process our workers check the cuts and all the blocks of instruments just by viewing the instruments individually.



If required etching stamp then, In this process all instruments are comes to get etching stamp. Our skilled workers put stamp on each instruments by putting each instruments on stamp pad and burning process. To make the stamp reliable and even sustainable under high boiling temperatures this stamping procedure is done by electric etching machines when instruments are sterilized.

  1. Cleaning and Checking

Now, at cleaning and checking process all instruments are cleaned and checked again one by one.  To do these process again the checking for operation, measurements, polish and usability.

  1. Q. A Inspection 4 %

In the Q. A Inspection 4% of the all instruments are get inspection by Quality achievement Directors. Samples for inspection are taken adventionaly and they are observed to every bit of detail. Even the smallest difference from quality standards could make result in refuse of whole lot.

  1. Packing

The packing of instruments to make a shipment is done here. Carton must be harden, which can save the instruments till it reach at the Customer door.  Here instruments must be packed with the sense of sizes and types. All Instruments boxes are properly labeled and stored in proper storing environment. Label will show the item code and full description to make the customer feel easy to find there required instruments from a carton

  1. Labeling

Labels are put in this process. If required. Putting labels is the customer service from us


How to care Hair cutting Scissors:

Care and maintenance is the key element in achieving maximum performance from your Hair Cutting Scissors. Failure to perform proper care and maintenance on a regular basis will most likely result in a damaged scissors and unsatisfactory performance.

Using a soft chamois cloth, thoroughly wipe your Hair Cutting scissors and blades after every cut. This will reduce build-up of chemicals and debris, which may adversely affect the performance of your scissors throughout your workday. At the end of the day wipe the blades and pivot area of your scissors before storing them.

After cleaning and drying your scissors, Add a drop of Ninja scissor oil to the pivot area to achieve an optimum cutting performance. Open and close the scissors several times to spread the oil evenly. It assists the cleaning process by washing out dirt and debris from under the pivot and leaves a wax like coating. This should be done at least once a week.

Tension Adjustment
Test the tension by opening and closing your scissors carefully. When the tension is set properly, the blades of the scissors should close gently, not fall shut, hardly any pressure is needed in cutting to close the scissors.
diagram copy
Dada Chiragh Hair Cutting Scissors have also special adjustable screw systems for fine adjustment of the tension. Using the adjusting tool provided with your scissors, turn the screw clockwise to tighten the tension or counter-clockwise to loosen it. Then check again for correct tension.

When not in use, your scissors should be wiped clean of any hair or product residue stored in a safe, dry location. We strongly recommend you store your scissors in the case provided with your purchase.

Hair Cutting Scissors

Professional hair cutting scissors made by hand in Pakistan have a quality meet the highest standards of functionality and design.
The high quality stainless steels used in Dada Chiragh scissors have an outstanding edge life and provide an extremely gentle, comfortable cut. All Japanese professional haircutting scissors are made by hand in Pakistan.

Dada Chiragh Hair Cutting Scissors

  • [PATENTED DESIGN] Our raving reviews speak for themselves. Customers LOVE our haircutting shears. PREMIUM – This specialized high quality Japanese stainless steel Hair Cutting scissor is tempered with precise blades and hand-sharpened cutting edges to evenly trim hair with ease.
  • ERGONOMIC – These are ultimately DURABLE and Rust Free RAZOR BLADE hair scissors for professional barbers , hair stylists , saloon workers and hairdressers which provides a Perfect Balance an Excellent Control and Aligned Blades for Smooth haircut one can think off. Its distinctive easy grip handle design allows the scissor to cradle fingers, delivering a confident haircut every time!Our exceptional quality HANDMADE scissors are made with Premium Quality 100 % Pure JAPANESE Stainless steel .
  • NOTES & ATTENTIONS –.Please keep it at safe places where children are not in contact.Please be careful not to touch the very sharp blade, otherwise it is easy to get hurt.Please clean it after use and put it in the bag provided to prolong it’s service life.
  • 100% SATISFIED WARRANTY — We always provide excellent after-sales service for every our customers to make sure you would be happy about the purchasing from us
  • We are a well-organized factory with huge production capacity
    which enables us to ship bulk orders within
    the accepted schedule of shipment without any problem.

    DADA CHIRAGH MANUFACTURING COMPANY always stands behind our products
    and commitments 100% and give you high-quality production
    and most competitive prices which you deal in the market with honor and pride.
    We are keen interested to do business with you for a long time

    •          Name you can trust
    •          Let’s US build your Brand
    •          Custom brand offered
    •          Customized packing choices offered
    •          Special discount in wholesale order
    •          Excellent Quality Products
    •          Great Customer Services
    •          Reasonable Prices

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